A recognized developer of xda by the name ‘dotcompt’ has released a fully unlocked ROM DeepShining for HTC HD2 smartphones. The app is available in 22 other languages along with English. The other languages which are supported are Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Chinese, Czech, French, Portuguese, Brazil, Dutch, Polish, Japanese and Korean etc.

Features of DeepShining ROM

• Unlocked completely.

• Internet Explorer version 9 – Mobile View and Google Translator are been added to settings of Internet Explorer 9.

• Internet Sharing.

• Xap Installation.

• Certificates of XB-Mod.

• Support of 13 templates.

• Number of custom wallpapers which are lockscreen is nine.

• Support by Visual Studio 2010 Debugger to debug it.

• Wallpapers which are transparent.

• In Access Settings, unlocking hidden option.

• Applications of OEM from HTC Omega such as Notes, HTC Location, Connected Media, Attentive phone and Hub.

• Some tweaks.

• Radio Advised.

• This Rom is based on Mango ROM HTC Europe build 7.10.x.

• Completely working Xbox Live games.

• Accents such as Jill Sander and Black Nokia.

Windows DeepShining Mango Rom

The changes that are done in Deepshining Mango Rom are:
• Some voices and wallpapers of Nokia.

• The applications of WM6.5 are ported.

• The message icon of green color is been removed.

Known Problems in Deep Shining Mango Rom
• The smartphones are locked without any reason. It might be X-Boxmod cab sender tool.

• When HD7 is rebooted then the MAC address changes.

Some Questions that you can face:
* If you see that your smartphone is locked and you have lost all the features of deepshining Mango Rom then probably you have run HTC connection 2 times. When you run HTC Connection Setup for the second time then this running locks the smartphone again. Another reason that might have locked your mobile can be Xbox Mod Windows Phone Update Cab Sender tool.

* If you see that the advanced config is crashing then consider activating the airplane mode on your mobile and disabling WiFi and 3G. Your Advanced Config should work fine now.

* If you already have Mango installed on your mobile device then also you can install this DeepShining Rom on your smartphone but please make sure that the version of your bootloader does not fall in the series of 5 and 4. You can check the version by going into Settings –> About and checking the version number in ‘More Info’.

If your smartphone has Mango with SPL 4 or 5 version then first follow the below steps before installing DeepShining Rom.

1. Check the level of your device’s battery.

2. If it is more than half (55%), then proceed below.

3. Flash Nodo Rom.

4. Nodo will help in degrading SPL. The degradation is required so that your mobile is not bricked. You can download Nodo here.

5. On your mobile, you should have RSPL/HSPL installed. Get Dft1 and Dft2. These support Microsoft Windows XP / Vista and 7. You should always remember that if you own HSPL and are flashing Ruu Signed stock nbh file then you will lose HSPL.

You should also see, Loading RSPL on Windows Phones.

6. Flash Deepshining Rom.

Download DeepShining Rom